Who We Are

A good friend is someone who supports you through the peaks and valleys of life. At Good Friend Insurance Services, we make it our business to be there for you every step of the way—through the highs and lows, and unexpected turns and twists.

Founded in 2010, our insurance brokerage firm offers a wide range of products covering everything from life and health to personal and business insurance needs. As one of the few full-service agencies in the industry, we strive to cover all your bases so that you can live each day with a peace of mind—knowing that the things you value most and work hard for are protected.

Our keen understanding of business principles combined with our comprehensive knowledge of the industry produce integrated solutions that lead to effective, measurable results for you and the premier insurance companies we represent.

We are dedicated to providing service on a personal level in order to understand your unique needs and offer you the best customized solutions—settling for no less than 100% satisfaction from you—our client, our friend.